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Canoe, Kayak, and paddle board rentals in Morro Bay.

Discover the Morro Bay’s stunning scenery and vibrant wildlife at your own pace with our rentals of single and double kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddle boards. Perfect for solo adventurers or groups, our beginner-friendly equipment ensures a safe and enjoyable experience on the water.

The National Estuary of Morro Bay  is accessible only by boat, making it one of the seldom-seen and truly beautiful treasures native to Morro Bay. There’s nothing like having the chance to explore Morro Bay at your own pace, with the freedom of a personal kayak, canoe, stand-up paddle board, or even a party canoe!

Whether you are an experienced paddler looking for an exhilarating adventure, or a beginner ready to relax, Sub Sea Tours and Kayaks has the boat to suit your needs. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to paddle protected shorelines along the beautiful and historic bay, and check out the breathtaking Morro Rock, the Morro Bay sand spit, and Morro Bay’s National Estuary wildlife tour while you’re at it!

Party Canoe Rental

For large groups ready to have fun on Morro Bay, Sub Sea Tours and Kayaks even has a party canoe available that fits six to twelve people and is perfect for relaxing and having a good time out on the water. The party canoe, also sometimes called a war canoe depending on your intentions, gives everyone in your group or family a chance to spend time together, all in one boat! Work together to paddle around Morro Bay and Morro Rock, keeping an eye out for the breathtaking scenery and the infamous marine life that calls Morro Bay home. Sub Sea Tours and Kayaks has your kayak, canoe or stand-up paddle board ready, so call us today to book your adventure!

Hourly Rentals

Single Kayak – $20/hr

Double Kayak – $30/hr

Double Canoe – $30/hr

3-4 Person Canoe – $40/hr

Party Canoe (6-10 Passengers) – $85/hr

Stand Up PaddleBoard – $20/hr

All rentals are 1/2 price for each additional hour.