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Morro Bay
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Morro Bay Whale Watching & Sub Sea Tours

Our family-owned business has been a staple in Morro Bay since the turn of the millennium. For over 20 years, we’ve shared our passion for the ocean with visitors, friends, and locals alike.

The ocean is at the heart of our lives. Whether we’re fishing, spearfishing, paddling, or surfing, you’ll always find us embracing the water’s beauty and adventure.

We love Morro Bay because of its exceptional charm and vibrant community. We are grateful to share our unique vista of Morro Bay with stunning scenery, great fishing, and an unparalleled natural beauty.

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What Our Customers Has to Say
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️

They went above and beyond, would definitely recommend these guys!

We chartered a coat with them to spread my sister's ashes. They were awesome!!!. Couldn't have asked for better service. They made it a wonderful experience considering what we were there for. My sister got a wonderful send off and my family got a bit of closure. They even put on a playlist of my sister's favorite songs for us.

– Jennifer B. via Google
Great whale watching trip on comfortable boat.

They found the whales and had knowledgeable crew providing both boat and whale information. Try to sit up front if you can next to the anchor. They provided info so we could loom up our whales: Humpback "Corduroy" seen here with records going back to 2005.

– Mike P. via TripAdvisor
Beautiful day on calm seas! Thanks for a fabulous day

We had a great time and the time was extended as we started seeing spouts and tails when we should have been heading back to shore. As an added bonus, a close up view of the large rock as we entered the harbor, plus Keith took some hysterically funny pics for us to share with friends and family!

– Deborah S. via Facebook
Will definitely be going back for a whale watching tour :)

I wish I could give more stars! The staff here is so kind and helpful! My boyfriend dropped his phone in some deep water and Dakota helped us by going down there in scuba gear to look for it, it was a miracle!

– Brit H. via Yelp
I definitely recommend!!! 10 stars !!!!!!

Today my Friend and I experienced the best ocean experience in our Life !! We attended the 9am show , after about an hour in we came across a feeding frenzy area that had at least 7 - 10 humpback whales ! We saw so many Sea Lions And they were so social ! Kevin was so knowledgeable and had so many great facts about whales , sea otters , birds , sea Lions and more!

– Madison R. via Facebook
Fabulous experience - Thank You

Prompt helpful response to multiple enquiries before our overseas trip. On the day welcoming & informative team. Seeing numerous whales what it was all about, plus harbour porpoises, sea otters & seals.

– Jo H. via Google
So much fun!!! A great time for my birthday.

Saw some whales, laughed, got scared (I personally freak out when the boat lists a bit..not ever in danger just my brain). Had so much fun going up over the waves. The front is absolutely the best place to be.

– Sherri B. via Google