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Humpback Whale Season: Why Morro Bay, CA is Great for Summer Whale Watching

Humpback Whale Tail Lob in front of Morro Rock

A Classic Humpback Whale Tail Lob outside of Morro Rock

It’s Humpback Whale Season off the coast of Morro Bay, California – which means it’s a fantastic time to head out for a trip with Morro Bay Whale Watching. As the humpbacks migrate along the coast, whale watchers have a great chance of catching a whale show while out on the Pacific Ocean. 

Humpback Whale Season

Humpbacks can be seen off the central coast of California all year long, but things tend to pick up in March. Once May rolls along, humpback season is in full swing – and it usually lasts until November – and sometimes into December.

Of course when it comes to nature, there’s no promises. But for whale watching excursions during this time, the chances are high that humpbacks will be out and about! 

Humpback Whale Migration

There’s no denying that there are a lot of humpbacks around this time of year – but why are there so many off the central coast of California this time of year? Well, it comes down to humpback migration patterns.

According to NOAA Fisheries, humpback whales live in all the world’s major oceans. In the North Pacific alone, there are at least four populations of humpbacks that have unique migration patterns. 

But the humpback whales seen off of the coast of Morro Bay tend to spend winter breeding in the warm tropics off of Central America, and make their way up the coast to feed the rest of the year. That’s why Morro Bay during the summer months is a perfect spot to catch a feeding frenzy!

When To Go Whale Watching

There is always a possibility of seeing humpbacks when heading out from the Morro Bay Harbor. But summer is a great time to take a whale watching trip because it is the optimal time to see these amazing creatures! 

If whale watching has been on your bucket list, there is no better time than now to book a trip with Morro Bay Whale Watching!