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Whale Watching in Morro Bay

Join us for an up-close encounter with these magnificent creatures.

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Senior / Student 65+ or Must provide a valid school ID on day of trip
Child Ages 0-12

Jump aboard!!

Summer/Fall Humpback Whale Watching: May – November

The central coast is home to hundreds of humpback whales feeding on the abundant sea life during this time.
Humpback whales are known to put on quite a show including throwing tail, lunge feeding, tail lobbing and full breeching!

Winter Gray Whale Watching: December – May

Thousands of gray whales pass by Morro Bay en route to Mexico from Alaska and back. One of earth’s greatest migrators, these whales travel over 12,000 miles round trip.
In the past, gray whales were victim of hunting and were an endangered species for many years. Fortunately, the protection of these amazing mammals resulted in the removal from the US endangered species list in 1994